Customizing the MET Degree


MET Degree Program Structure

The MET program consists of various areas of focus. Within each area, MET enrollees choose the courses that are most appropriate based on their personal and/or district priorities. There are four main focus areas with a total of six required courses, one "elective" category of two courses that can be drawn from any of the more than 50 courses eligible for the Wilson College MET, and two more "capstone" courses.

All courses, including the electives, must be approved by the advisor or director. Note that not all courses are offered every semester, and some may not be offered in an online format or may be discontinued in the future.


MET Areas of Focus, Requirements, and Eligible Courses

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(2 Required)

Choice of any two courses below to round out the MET curriculum with courses that are most applicable to each individual's teaching practices and needs.

ITS Certificate
(8 Required)

The PDE-approved ITS Certification is designed to enable educators with technology-focused specializations in their schools or districts to become tech coaches and district tech leaders. The ITS Certification is available as part of the MET degree or as a stand-alone certification. MET enrollees must take the 8 required ITS Certification courses instead of the other customizable MET categories.

Inter-disciplinary and Content-Specific Technology Integration
(2 Required)

Courses providing training in a variety of specific methods and strategies for integrating technology. Also includes subject-specific or content-specific technology integration courses.

Capstone Research and Project Courses
(2 Required)

Two Wilson College capstone courses which seek to build on and apply the learning of the first eight courses through independent research and a "real-world" project.

Other Wilson College Courses Not Part of the MET Degree
(NA Required)

Wilson College graduate-level courses in partnership with Eduspire that are not part of the MET degree program.

“Wilson College’s partnership with Eduspire has produced a Master of Educational Technology degree that is unlike any other: practical and immediately applicable, allowing for choice and customization based on personal and district priorities and current technology, while providing a thorough and sound pedagogical foundation for tech integration. ”


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