Pennsylvania Online Instruction Endorsement

The Online Instruction Endorsement (OIE) can be obtained through Wilson College by Pennsylvania educators along with a Master of Educational Technology degree or as a standalone endorsement. This PDE-approved Online Learning Endorsement, consisting of four pre-defined courses, is designed to enable educators to distinguish their teaching practice for effective online learning.

Four Wilson College courses are required to earn the Online Instruction Endorsement:


Blended and Flipped Learning Environments (EDU 904)

Explores blended learning models and the implementation of such models in the classroom. Focuses on technological and pedagogical implementation, including resource identification and logistical and structural development of blended classroom environments to support student access and academic integrity. Register

Humanizing Online Learning (EDU 915)

This course examines how to use your teacher presence in virtual instructional environments to humanize online learning.  By fostering academic and social connections, teachers can build empathy, personalize learning and increase student motivation. Register

Digital Information and Media Fluency (EDU 934)

Understanding how to manage digital information is a requisite skill for educators of all kinds.  Recognizing information needs, locating and evaluating appropriate resources and using digital resources ethically and effectively ensures that teachers can, in turn, nurture these critical skills in their learners. Register

Effective Formative Assessment and Technology (EDU 935)

This course will focus on effective formative assessment pedagogy, and the integration of appropriate instructional technology tools to facilitate successful formative assessment in the classroom. The knowledge gained from this course will allow each participant to be an instructional leader in his or her school district.   Register


Students are required to complete ten hours of field experience per course related to their Online Instruction Endorsement courses to receive an Online Instruction Endorsement.

If you’re interested in obtaining the OIE along with the Master of Educational Technology degree, four additional Wilson College courses developed in collaboration with Eduspire and two Wilson College capstone courses are required.

Application for the OIE or the MET degree are through Wilson College.

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