Learning Management Systems (Google Classroom) EDU 920 (Google Classroom)

Learning Management Systems - Google Classroom Edition

Eduspire’s courses are offered by Wilson College as individual 3-credit graduate-level courses, and most courses can also be taken as part of the Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree program.

Investigate the function, benefits and challenges of an LMS in today’s learning environment. Evaluate the best components to choose in building an online-supported course, and identify best practices in managing digital content, activities and collaboration using an LMS. Analyze the current shift in personal instructional practices and student engagement.

An LMS is a great tool for developing digital content for students and extending learning beyond a traditional classroom setting with a blended approach. 

Does your school provide, or are you already using, a program that allows you to host your class in an online environment? In today’s educational landscape there are many popular Learning Management Systems (LMS). There will be in depth instruction that focuses on helping course participants apply best practices into Google Classroom and their specific learning environment. This course has the same learning objectives as EDU 920: Learning Management Systems, but specifically focuses on Google Classroom. Course takers need to have access to the LMS covered in the course.

Learning Management Systems is an appropriate course for teachers at any skill level. The novice user will experience patient, step-by-step instruction with ample time to practice. Intermediate and advanced users will be provided with targeted, personalized instruction and will focus on additional topics as dictated by their interests, abilities, and the course content.

*Participants in this course will have several mandatory, synchronous, video conference sessions. The dates and times are listed on each course registration page. 

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