Eduspire is an innovative provider of continuing education courses for teachers. Our goal is to transform teaching & learning through the practical integration of contemporary technologies in K-12 classrooms. We are passionate about reinvigorating teachers to more deeply engage their students through the effective use of today's technology.

Eduspire has developed a broad range of professional development courses for today's educator, taught by our network of innovative practitioners.

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Master of Ed Tech Degree

Wilson College is offering a unique and customizable Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree in collaboration with Eduspire! This 30-credit program primarily consists of courses developed in conjunction with Eduspire, can be taken 100% online, and allows up to two courses taken previously by any other accredited university in conjunction with Eduspire to be transferred in. To learn more about the benefits of the MET program, visit
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Digital Hall Passes and Flexible Scheduling Tools for Schools

Eduspire Solutions provides administrative support software tools, such as e-hallpass and FlexTime Manager, helping administrators to manage school functions with greater simplicity, flexibility and control.

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Implementing an initiative? We work with districts to create professional development courses aligned to district goals. This allows you to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently through targeted use of existing PD dollars. Please complete the "Contact" form in the top menu bar to inquire about how we can help!

How to Achieve Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Growth mindset is the belief that people can develop and finesse specific abilities through hard work and dedication while gaining a love for learning and resilience to obtain great accomplishments.


Can Technology Improve Emotional Quotient?

by Dr. Lisa A. Colapietro Can Technology Improve Emotional Quotient? CCSS, CEWS, and CRS, Oh My! Education is a veritable bowl of alphabet soup. There are few acronyms that get closer attention or cause more anxiety than those representing Common Core State Standards,…

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