Pennsylvania Instructional Technology Specialist Certification

The Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) certification can be obtained through Wilson College by Pennsylvania educators along with a Master of Educational Technology degree or as a standalone certification. This PDE-approved Instructional Technology Specialist certification, consisting of eight pre-defined courses, is designed to enable educators with technology-focused specialization in their schools or districts to become tech coaches and district tech leaders.

Eight Wilson College courses are required to earn the ITS certification:

Tech-Infused Classroom (EDU 900)

Explores how the specific technology available to each teacher can be integrated into students’ daily learning activities to create a more collaborative learning environment, to improve creativity and critical thinking skills,and to customize and differentiate learning and assessment to meet individual student needs. Register

Ownership of Learning (EDU 910)

This course will focus on the concept of personalized learning, encouraging teachers to take on the role of facilitator while their learners develop the strategies, skills, and dispositions needed to become invested in their learning. This course is designed for educators across grade levels and disciplines. Participants should be open to shifts in pedagogy, leveraging technology, and cultivating opportunities for learners. Register

Digital Portfolios (EDU 924)

Explores the theory, implementation and use of digital portfolios in the classroom environment as ways to create, maintain, and share knowledge. Provides instructions on digital portfolio technology and tools as well as pedagogical applications for digital portfolios in the classroom. Register

Multimedia Classrooms (EDU 927)

Learn best practices in efficiently creating and manipulating audio, video and image content for the classroom. Investigate and evaluate options that provide cutting-edge technical and educational solutions to educators, empowering them and their students to develop authentic, engaging, and relevant digital learning while abiding by Fair Use Copyright Laws. Register

Emergent Educational Technologies (EDU 928)

Survey emerging technologies that will have applications in the classroom environment. Students will study educational technology integration and the “ed tech” business model and how implementing new technologies will impact the classroom. Register

Digital Information Fluency (EDU 934)

Understanding how to manage digital information is a requisite skill for educators of all kinds. Recognizing information needs, locating and evaluating appropriate resources and using digital resources ethically and effectively ensures that teachers can, in turn, nurture these critical skills in their learners. Register

Infrastructure and Technology Planning for Today’s Schools (EDU 936)

Creating a sound infrastructure for your school or organization is vital to the successful integration of technology and daily workflow for employees. Course takers will explore best practices and current industry standards for developing and maintaining their infrastructure, financial and human resources, and software applications. Participants will develop leadership techniques for working with all levels of the educational community to manage and administer instructional technology programs — all while adhering to policy and maintaining a secure environment for their staff and students. Register

Instructional Technology Specialist Practicum (EDU_597)

NOTE: This semester-long course is the final requirement of the Instructional Technology Specialist program, to be taken after completion of the other seven required courses, and is administered directly by Wilson College. Registration for this course must be made through Wilson College on Wilson's course registration page.


The learner conducts learning technology-related activities with a self identified organization to apply concepts and skills previously explored during coursework. This experiential course also provides an opportunity to demonstrate and further develop core learning competencies, i.e. critical thinking, communication, teamwork and collaboration, information literacy, ethical decision making, and global engagement.

If you’re interested in obtaining the ITS certification along with the Master of Educational Technology degree, two additional capstone action research courses must be taken.

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