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I feel that it will have a great impact on my future classroom instruction in a very positive manner.

— J. B., Gamification

The most valuable part for me was learning how I could make learning fun in a subject that typically isn't viewed as fun to learn.

— J. B., Gamification

Really enjoyed this course. It provided me with fun and innovative methods and strategies for motivating and engaging the learners to interact with the content I teach in my courses.

— J. B., Gamification

I loved this class. It was very helpful and I will be implementing many of the things I learned from this course into my everyday life.

— K. G., Mindful Classroom

Loved this course! It broadened my knowledge of digital portfolios and how they can be integrated into the classroom as both a display of understanding and as an assessment tool.

— M. B., Digital Portfolios

This was a great course! I learned a lot about the evolution of digital portfolios and all the great new tools out there to create them.

— A. W., Digital Portfolios

I am planning on using mindful practices in my classroom for the end of this year and throughout the year next year.

— L. H., Mindful Classroom

I think this course is very much needed for teachers and their students! Being mindful can help in so many situations of every day life and school life!

— L. H., Mindful Classroom

I am very pleased with this course. I learned a ton and have new ways to implement digital portfolios in my classroom.

— G. D., Digital Portfolios

This was an excellent course; extremely valuable. If only all teachers/administrators would enroll, our schools would be different environments.

— C. O., Mindful Classroom

I will think differently when designing lessons.

— N. D., Gamification

I really enjoyed this class. I love how we were assigned readings but also allowed to research on our own a really tailor the content of this class to our teaching situation.

— N. D., Gamification

I have already begun implementing much of what I have learned into my classroom.

— A. B., Mindful Classroom

I enjoyed the pace of the course and felt that it was a great balance of instruction, investigation, and practice.

— A. B., Mindful Classroom

I will be introducing Mindfulness to students to come over many years as I saw so many of the positive benefits during my practice as well as introducing a few to my current students.

— A. W., Mindful Classroom
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