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I gained VR and AR ideas for in the classroom and even ways to make remote learning more personal and engaging

— B. S., Virtual Reality

All projects and assignments were very useable - I am excited to use them in my classroom this coming school year.

— B. S., Literacy

This seems like a great way to approach our technology-consumed students to intrigue them to learn more about our topics.

— M. W., Virtual Reality

I like that I was able to create things that are useful to me in my own classroom. Almost every assignment can be translated into my own teaching.

— H. I., Literacy

This course was very practical in helping bridge literature and technology in a way that can be used authentically in the classroom. The assignments and activities were practical and helped me prepare activities that I will be able to use in my own classroom.

— H. I., Literacy

This course was great for primary educators! So often, we have to really adapt the course to our teaching, so it was really nice that this course was made just for us!

— B. S., Elementary Tech

I thought the real life videos from the guest lectures were a fantastic was to learn about how other people are using technology in their classroom. I liked how we were able to follow them on twitter and interact with them through that platform.

— E. R., Elementary Tech

I thought this course provided new and updated information on how we can incorporate technology in the elementary classroom. It was a nice change to practice programs that I haven't used before.

— E. R., Elementary Tech

The course was easy to integrate into what you were teaching and gave you the ability to enhance your instruction.

— A. M., Elementary Tech

I am going to definitely take most of the concepts from this course directly into the classroom. It is the 21st century and we must be enfusing our classrooms with technology in APPROPRIATE manners and ENHANCING learning...not just using tech for the sake of using tech.

— G. C., Elementary Tech

This course provided me with specific resources and assignments that enhanced my ability to use a 3D printer and to incorporate it into my classroom.

— G. M., 3D Printing

I feel like it is going to make me a better teacher all around. I realized how much my mindset can impact my classroom and my student's mindsets, so the information I learned in this course is very valuable.

— K. H., Growth Mindset

The ideas I learned to help my students realize their potential, reflect on their learning, and be confident in their abilities. Also, I learned a lot about myself. I learned ways that I can model a growth mindset in my classroom, which was really important for me to learn this year.

— K. H., Growth Mindset

I thought this course was wonderful! Katie provided me with many resources and ideas for teaching growth mindset in the classroom. It was perfect timing to take this course with all that is going on in our world currently, so I am excited to implement some of the things that I learned into my virtual classroom.

— K. H., Growth Mindset

Excellent information on helping students develop a more positive outlook and begin to understand why having a growth mindset is crucial to success!

— K. E., Growth Mindset
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