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Dr. Fecich was a great resource and I was able to take away a great amount of useful information to use in my classes.

— K. P., Artificial Intelligence

I have already implemented AI in a variety of ways, and I see ways AI can be woven into any lesson in small, medium and large ways.

— S. N., Artificial Intelligence

With AI evolving daily, it's heartening to have a community of learners to share with! Dr. F. is AMAZING at facilitating in thoughtful, inclusive, and growth oriented ways!

— S. N., Artificial Intelligence

I think that this is definitely a course teachers should either take or receive training on because AI is not going to go away and it will impact our lives as educators.

— K. O., Artificial Intelligence

I enjoyed the course, I think it was helpful in building a foundation of knowledge on AI.

— K. O., Artificial Intelligence

This was a great overview course of AI and tools to integrate in the classroom. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the course workload or by the amount of content discussed.

— A. Z., Artificial Intelligence

I learned a lot from this course. I would recommend it.

— H. B., Artificial Intelligence

AI topic is very relevant and I'm glad I got to spend the time digging into the topic.

— J. K., Artificial Intelligence

This course helped to widen my understanding of Artificial Intelligence and provided many application/sites to my AI toolbox.

— L. S., Artificial Intelligence

I loved this course! It was very informative and I loved learning how to 3D print.

— A. I., 3D Printing

Informative and relevant material

— M. C., Advanced Chromebooks

This course provided me with a ton of information I can use when using Chromebooks in the classroom.

— R. M., Advanced Chromebooks

I really enjoyed this course and the required activities.

— P. C., Advanced Chromebooks

I am very grateful for the information I learned on Chromebooks. Having little knowledge and exposure has had me rely on Technology teachers and coordinators to assist me on things that I have learned I can figure out on my own. It also has shown me a wide variety of how Chromebooks can be implemented into the classroom.

— A. L., Advanced Chromebooks

I appreciated learning more about Chromebooks when they are used so widely in my school.

— T. L., Advanced Chromebooks
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