Today’s Students Learn Differently

Much has changed across the education landscape over the past few decades. Although generational differences are apparent in many areas of life, the classroom may be the most obvious place. Time, technology, and societal influences have undoubtedly altered the way students learn and teachers teach. Furthermore, communication and information transfer are now drastically different parts of the overall human experience than they used to be. Today’s youth will never know a world without internet, cell phones, and mass media saturation.

Today’s Students Upload

The advent of social media, texting, and the ability to interact with almost anyone anywhere have created a generation that “uploads” as their primary method of contact. Involvement and participation in many activities, whether educational or recreational, has become more active than passive. Assimilation of information is increasingly more rapid, if not instantaneous. This presents obvious challenges to those in leadership positions, such as parents and teachers.

Do You Know the Difference Between “Downloading” and “Uploading?”

Eduspire Instructor, Dr. Jolene ErlacherSince Generation X and Baby Boomer leaders’ most natural means of information transfer is to “download,” the need for adjusting to the way today’s students receive and process information is greater than ever. Eduspire instructor, Dr. Jolene Erlacher, shares her insights on “uploading” as a leader in her company’s blog post titled Are You a Leader Who Uploads?” Dr. Erlacher has also developed a course that is centered on this topic for Eduspire. Understanding Today’s Students” explores the influences that contribute to the development of Generation Z and Alpha Generation learners. Participants in this course will examine the difference in behaviors and perspectives between these and older generations, and discuss strategies for preparing these students for a bright future.

Understanding Today’s Students is a practical and popular course that is available online to Pennsylvania teachers. Check the course listing page to see when it’s being offered next so that you can plan to join us!