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Get Your Students Moving with iMovie!

imovie : Ipad apps for education

Keep Students Engaged with iMovie Lights…camera…action!  It’s time for iMovie in your classroom!  iMovie instantly energizes your classroom by transforming your students from a passive audience to active directors.   Students especially love creating iMovie trailers which turn a few pictures and videos into…

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Creating and Using Infographics in the Classroom

What are infographics and Why should a teacher care ? Infographics are a fabulous fusion of information and graphics. They are typically pleasing to the eye, as opposed to a graph that is a more sterile representation of data. Infographics can be found…

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Adobe Voice: A Powerful Presentation App for Students

Adobe Voice Presentation Tool

Move over Powerpoint! A new program is kicking you to the curb! If you are looking for a new, modern, powerful presentation tool for your students, look no further. Adobe Voice, a free app, has arrived and is helping students from Kindergarten to…

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YouTube Channels for the Classroom

how to use youtube in classrom.

How to Set Up Your Own YouTube Channel We all know how fabulous YouTube is for digital resources. If you are like so many teachers you search for new content every time you want to show something to your students. So, why not…

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Digital Storytelling: What’s Your Story?

digital storytelling

Connects Digital Storytelling to the CCSS We all have a story to tell, and so do your students! From your Kindergartener’s weekend birthday party to your 12th grader’s Senior Prom, your students want to talk and share. 21st-century learning and the Common Core…

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SAMRfy Your Classroom: Evaluate Your Technology Integration

SAMR Framework

SAMR for Smarties There has been a lot of talk about the SAMR Framework that was developed by Ruben R. Puentedura, PhD. The SAMR Model is a simple way to evaluate your own level of technology integration in the classroom. If you are…

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