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Immersive Classroom Experiences through Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology


Maybe once a vague concept, the EdTech world has been buzzing with VR and AR in recent years. With the release of Google’s Expeditions app, educators are able to see firsthand how the platform of VR (and using it to immerse students in…

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Instructional Technology Leadership: An Upcoming Course

Instructional Coaching K-12 Classroom

About Instructional Technology Coaching “Instructional coaches partner with teachers to help them improve teaching and learning so students are more successful,”¬†explains Jim Knight in his blog post “What Do Instructional Coaches Do?” To elaborate, leading educators to create technology-enhanced blended learning environments is…

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Humanizing Online Learning

Humanizing Online Learning

Have We Lost the Human Element of Education? It seems that everything is online these days: we can shop online, schedule appointments online, and we can even learn online. Lately, online learning has gained popularity. From K-12 charter and cyber schools to actual…

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Making Learning More Inclusive with Microsoft


This back-to-school season, there are more resources than ever for differentiating learning and more tools to facilitate doing so. If you’re a Microsoft educator, many of the tools in your classroom tech toolkit have been updated just in time for the start of…

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Devices in the Classroom Don’t Guarantee Better Learning Outcomes

Tech Integration

Tech Integration is More Than Device Use In an article addressing the topic of tech integration for the Classroom section of EdTech Magazine (online) called “Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future,”¬†author Eric Sheninger voices some valid concerns about…

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Student Assessment That Modern Learners Deserve

student assessment

The Evolving Display of Student Ability Connecting student assessment to student work in a relevant way continues to challenge many educators. Students today demonstrate an incredible capacity for thinking differently about projects, approaching their work creatively through the dozens of digital resources available…

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