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Instructional Technology Leadership: An Upcoming Course

Instructional Coaching K-12 Classroom

About Instructional Technology Coaching “Instructional coaches partner with teachers to help them improve teaching and learning so students are more successful,” explains Jim Knight in his blog post “What Do Instructional Coaches Do?” To elaborate, leading educators to create technology-enhanced blended learning environments is…

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Human-Centered Design in the K-12 Classroom

Design Thinking K12 Classroom

What Is Design Thinking? Design thinking continues to garner attention across K-12 grade levels and content areas as a way to engage students in collaborative problem-solving in an authentic context. The formal and informal learning that occurs throughout a human-centered design challenge can…

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Integrating Creativity and Innovation in K12 Classrooms

Promote Creativity and Innovation

How to Foster Creativity & Innovations in the K-12 Classroom When you’ve developed a project or activity that is meant to inspire creativity among your students, how often have you been truly happy with the results? Perhaps for you, often. For me, I’ve…

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