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Teaching American History Like a Renaissance Master

Italian Renaissance Art Techniques or Perfectly Ironic Classifications of American History?  Two Italian Renaissance art concepts, “sfumato” and “chiaroscuro,” I think, are meant to express the sometimes educationally inexpressible — that most human experience is complex and hazy rather than simple and clear, and that…

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Explore Future Frontiers in Educational Technology

Prepare Your Classroom for the Future Educational technology has changed drastically since I was in school (I graduated high school in 1985) and since I started out as an educator. I’ve learned and taught my way through the eras of filmstrips, betamax, laserdiscs,…

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Go Green: 5 Steps to Successful Green Screening

Green Screen App by Do Ink

Bring the Classroom to Life with Do Ink’s Green Screen App Have you ever wanted to try green screening but didn’t know where to start? Then try the $2.99 iPad app Green Screen by Do Ink! It’s simple, easy and fun to use! There…

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