by Samantha Fecich

Dr. Samantha Fecich, professor, author, podcast host, and Eduspire instructor, recently release an episode on her podcast, EduMagic, about the magical world of artificial intelligence — and she wants to take Eduspire students and readers on a journey through three extraordinary AI-infused EdTech tools that can transform how you engage students.

Click here to visit Samantha’s blog, where she links to an embedded podcast episode that you can listen to. There she discusses

• Diffit, Tailored Leveled Resources at Your Fingertips

• Goblin Tools, Unleashing Task Management Magic

• and EduAide.Ai, Your Personal Teaching Assistant

She also graciously shares a curated playlist of AI teaching resources, available when you sign up on her blog.

Dr. Fecich is also the instructor of the Eduspire course EDU 975: Navigating Future Learning Through AI, which begins September 23rd.

Thanks, Samantha!