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The Future of Online Education and Classroom Technology

Future of Technology in Online Education

Part I: The Evolution of Education Through this interesting graphic called ‘The Future of Online Schools’ from, a reader is taken on a journey through the world of education that begins in 1890 and ends up in, literally, the future. The illustration explores…

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Computer Programming at the White House

Computer Programming Tech Jam at the White House

Invited to the White House?! About three months ago, my colleague, Lauri Brady and I were invited to the White House (yep, the one in Washington D.C.) to attend the White House CS Tech Jam. At first, we questioned whether or not this…

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Why I Love the Eduspire Summer Literacy Institute

Eduspire Summer Literacy Institute

I’m a Fan of Conferences …and not just conferences on literacy and other teaching themes; I love going to conferences in general. I’m such a nerd about signing up to hear my favorite speakers – you know, the big names that hardly ever…

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The New Mindful Classroom

Mindfulness in Education

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a term, once known only in contemplative circles, which is now increasingly found in mainstream dialogue. Indeed, it has even begun to make its way into education. Referring to the ability to maintain an open awareness of and…

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