Who is Eduspire?
Eduspire is an innovative provider of professional development courses for teachers. Our goal is to transform teaching and learning through practical integration of contemporary technologies in K-12 classrooms.

Using Artificial Intelligence Infused EdTech Tools to Engage Students

artificial intelligence apps

Dr. Samantha Fecich discusses EdTech AI-infused apps on a new episode of her podcast, EduMagic.

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Equip Tomorrow’s Teachers

artificial intelligence AI

By Dr. Samantha Fecich, Education Professor, Author, Podcast Host, and Eduspire Instructor At the beginning of this year, Dr. Fecich did a free webinar for Swivl where she acknowledges the significance of equipping educators with the expertise and capabilities to tap into the…

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Classroom Management 101

Edupsire instructor/academic advisor and creator of the course, EDU 973: Classroom Management in a Technology Equipped Classroom, Mrs. Kelsey Richards M.Ed., listed a few tips to help enhance your classroom management to create a smooth learning experience for you and your students. As teachers…

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How to Achieve Growth Mindset in the Classroom

growth mindset

Growth mindset is the belief that people can develop and finesse specific abilities through hard work and dedication while gaining a love for learning and resilience to obtain great accomplishments.

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Can Technology Improve Emotional Quotient?

emotional quotient SEL

by Dr. Lisa A. Colapietro Can Technology Improve Emotional Quotient? CCSS, CEWS, and CRS, Oh My! Education is a veritable bowl of alphabet soup. There are few acronyms that get closer attention or cause more anxiety than those representing Common Core State Standards,…

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8 Tips for Online Student Engagement

student engagement online learning

Eduspire instructor and Leading Tomorrow Founder, Dr. Jolene Erlacher, hosted a webinar recently called “Student Engagement in Online Learning,” and was kind enough to write up these eight tips to summarize, which we’ve shared below. Please visit our Distance Learning Resources page for…

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