Personalized Learning: A Trending Topic in Education

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‘Personalized Learning’ has become an education buzzword. Thanks to philosophical shifts in teaching techniques, pedagogies and standards, personalized learning and its counterparts have shaped the way traditional classroom instruction is delivered. Students can now learn in a variety of ways and are no longer limited to one teacher’s style of teaching — likewise, teachers are getting more creative with curriculum and the use of technology in order to tailor learning experiences to specific students.

Personalized Learning Topics, Tools, and Resources

Whether you’re curious about Mass-Customized Learning (MCL), Project-Based Learning (PBL), Inquiry Learning, Flipped Classroom Instruction, Qualitative Formative Assessment, or some other adaptation of Personalized Learning, there are endless resources, tools, and technologies available to aid in the evolution of your teaching. Maybe you’re focused on classroom tech integration, or just looking for the coolest new differentiation app. Perhaps you’d be interested in taking some courses to help forge your new 21st century teaching philosophy. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our Favorite Personalized Learning Tools

Any way you slice it, Personalized Learning is likely here to stay. To read more about the Eduspire network’s favorite personalized learning tech tools and our take on the philosophies behind Personalized Learning, click here to read our guest post on the Whooo’s Reading blog.