Art Created by the Children of York that Reflects its Rich Community & History

On Friday, May 6th, Amy Musone had the pleasure of taking part in one of the most transformative, collaborative, and enriching learning experiences of her career. Her third-grade class, who had started this journey as a community-based learning project, was now undergoing a metamorphosis right before her very eyes.

Working together with York, PA community businesses, artists, educators, and historians, these children actually became entrepreneurs! Their art was on sale to the public at a jam-packed neighborhood boutique, they signed specially crafted contracts and were taught the process of generating art proposals for gallery openings, they collected stories and conducted interviews with local artists and various primary sources, and best of all, they wanted to pay it forward. All proceeds from the art sales at the event were donated to a local artist and art supply store owner who will use the funds to provide York High School with art supplies.

So, What’s Next for These Crafty Kids?

Visit Amy’s blog to see examples of the remarkable works that these students created, including paintings, drawings, and a website they built themselves to showcase this community-based learning project. Watch a video from local York storyteller, Randy Flaum, called “Learning the Business of Art,” and see what’s next for these third graders as they culminate the experience by bringing it full-circle.

Read – and see – the full story here.

It’s experiences like this one that fill educators’ hearts with pride. When children are taught how to learn beyond the classroom, like in the case of a community-based learning project, the result is meaningful, practical, and invaluable real-world experience that will forever shape the way students are inspired to view a world so full of possibility and enriching learning opportunities.

Amy Musone is a primary school teacher in Central York School District. PBL and using technology to transform learning, community building, and collaboration are some of her learning passions.

Amy has been an educator since 1991. She has early childhood education, elementary education, reading specialist, special education, and principal certificates. Beyond that, Amy is a Connected Coach with PLP Network and is a Google Certified Educator. She was nominated as a Keystone Technology Integrator in 2007. She returned in following years as a learning facilitator.

In addition to her busy and accomplished professional career, Amy also teaches for Eduspire.

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