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Super helpful! Introduced to so many new apps, extensions, features, and strategies for use!

— A. B., Chromebooks

This course was great! One of my favorites in the program!

— H. M., Digital Portfolios

I learned so much about myself and how to implement portfolio's in my classroom.

— P. A., Digital Portfolios

I enjoyed learning more about mindfulness and would really like to implement some mindfulness into my second grade classroom this school year and years to come!

— P. H., Mindful Classroom

It was a helpful course in helping me understand how mindfulness can be used in the classroom to benefit my students.

— L. K., Mindful Classroom

I like being able to drop what I learn right into what I’m already doing.

— R. H., Virtual Reality

This course was new and exciting.

— R. H., Virtual Reality

I liked learning more about digital portfolios and ways I could incorporate them into my classroom. I also liked having the time to create my own portfolio.

— J. H., Digital Portfolios

Content was helpful and enlightening

— L. R., Mindful Classroom

I thought this was a great course on mindfulness. I learned a lot about mindfulness and resources that are available. I learned about the benefits of mindfulness for my students and myself. I am excited to integrate what I have learned into my classes this upcoming school year.

— C. M., Mindful Classroom

During this course, I was able to learn a great deal about digital portfolios and how to implement them into my classroom. Through the assigned articles and tasks I gained a lot of new insights.

— H. I., Digital Portfolios

I felt that this course really helped me get a better understanding of the significance of using mindfulness in the classroom. The research and articles we read helped solidify my buy-in to using it in my classroom regularly.

— M. H., Mindful Classroom

This course truly gave me a great understanding of how to use portfolios for myself and for my students.

— L. H., Digital Portfolios

Learned a lot of useful information about integrating Chromebooks into my classroom. Appreciated the flexibility of structure that allowed me to address my specific curriculum.

— C. M., Chromebooks

As this was my first Eduspire course, I was very impressed at how much I have learned. I am the type of student that asks many questions when I don't understand something. I expected this to be the case with an online course because I was concerned at how detailed it would be. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much detail the instructor gave for his expectations with the course.

— L. H., Chromebooks
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