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The course was full of useful information and relevant tools that can be used in my classroom. The instructor was very personable and accessible. He was eager to answer questions and very patient will all of our different skill levels.

— A. N., iPads in Education

Course was very relevant, instructor was professional and very informed, time was given to implement new concepts into my classroom lessons

— J. J., Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Awesome class. Liked how she let us guide some of our own learning and dig deeper into the areas we needed.

— A. S., Learning Management Systems (LMS)

This has been an extremely valuable course providing many useful tools to use in my classroom.

— M. R., Video

Appreciated the opportunity to relate and apply coursework to home teaching environment.

— M. M., Video

I loved this course. I was introduced to many different ways to use videos and technology in my classroom.

— T. K., Video

This course was fabulous! Everything we learned in the course was something I could integrate into my classroom.

— A. S., Video

The knowledge that I acquired during this class helped me as I interviewed for a new position with a different district. The interview panel was impressed with my knowledge of PA-CC as it relates to digital storytelling.

— A. M., Digital Storytelling

Very helpful and a ton of technological insight

— A. S., Tech Infused Classroom

I appreciated the opportunity to work with only math colleagues as it gave me the chance to hear what others do in their classrooms & give me ideas. I also was grateful for the chance to look at different types of technologies that i could be using in my classroom and how to use them effectively.

— R. H., Secondary Mathematics

Class moved at a great pace and introduced me to many online math tools that I can use in my classroom.

— J. W., Secondary Mathematics

This course was amazing and will impact my teaching greatly. I learned so many new things regarding my iPad and was introduced to apps that I will use to motivate my students in math class.

— J. W., iPads in Special Education

This course has been so beneficial. I feel much more prepared to effectively use iPads in my classroom.

— T. J., iPads in Education

This course was very useful since it was specifically for math teachers.

— A. D., Secondary Mathematics

This was the most useful and practical grad class I ever took!

— S. W., Secondary Mathematics
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