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I will be using mindfulness practices with my students.

— K. A., Mindful Classroom

I really enjoyed the course and the content.

— K. A., Mindful Classroom

I plan to use some video component in every lesson next year.

— T. B., Video

I loved this course! The instructor provided us with so many online tools for recording, editing, and using video that I won't have any problems putting more video into my classroom instruction.

— T. B., Video

Great repertoire of skills, apps, and tools needed to fully integrate technology in the classroom.

— A. I., Tech Infused Classroom

This course was highly thought provoking! I really enjoyed it!

— H. M., EdTech

This class introduces and has you use many great tools to bring video into the classroom. Many of these I had never heard of and quite a few I plan on implementing immediately in the classroom.

— P. S., Video

Very practical, made some useful materials for use in class, as well as skills to build future curricula.

— R. D., Video

This course opened my eyes to many of the ISTE standards that I was not that familiar with and gave me realistic options on how to apply them to my curriculum.

— J. H., Tech Infused Classroom

I plan on using the video techniques/tool to more effectively communicate with students, parents, and the community. I also plan on helping students to harness these tools to help them in their learning.

— A. C., Video

Effective video production provided very accessible tools and time to explore them while completing projects. I was instantly able to apply the tools and skills I was learning into my classroom.

— A. C., Video

I think it will give my students new opportunities to showcase their learning, reflection, and collaboration.

— J. M., Video

I thought it was valuable to have the time to learn the various options to incorporate video into lessons. I was unaware of some of the technologies. I also found value in the discussions with classmates to garner ideas of different ways to incorporate the videos.

— J. M., Video

A great way to find different ways to incorporate video to enhance instruction and engage students in the learning process.

— J. M., Video

The final project was great in applying the knowledge gained in a practical, real world manner.

— N. D., Reading
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