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I really enjoyed the content in this course. It really made me think, reflect and plan action steps for the future!

— A. T., Understanding Today's Students

This course pusehd me to re-think and re-design the units that I teach to my students. I have begun to alter not just the unit for my integration plan, but the first three units of my school year for next year.

— S. D., Tech Infused Classroom

I wasn't sure about this course at first. I really struggled getting the first assignment started but once I did, and found my "flow," I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and this course has helped me reflect on my teaching and how I might change to better serve my students.

— L. K., Understanding Today's Students

Dr. Erlacher laid out the course for the maximum opportunity do engaged learning and practical application!

— J. V., Understanding Today's Students

This course helped me to grasp the challenges facing my students and gave realistic ways to engage with them in terms meaningful to them. It also gave me strategies to use with my own children!

— A. T., Understanding Today's Students

It was the reflective aspect that makes you think about your pedagogy and curriculum.

— D. H., Creativity & Innovation

I plan to utilize the ideas I received in this course within my classroom by allowing my students the opportunity to create and work together in more creative projects.

— B. M., Creativity & Innovation

This course made me rethink the definition of creativity and how I can incorporate technology into my classroom.

— B. M., Creativity & Innovation

The resources and strategies learned are applicable.

— O. G., Creativity & Innovation

Definitely reminded me of the importance of modeling and providing creative opportunities.

— A. G., Creativity & Innovation

The class discussions were very valuable to me as there were many different ideas and strategies that could be shared.

— E. B., Tech Infused Classroom

The assignments were personalized. I feel like the work I did will have a positive impact on my classroom management and my teaching. We were also required to reflect upon our reading and our work. Personal reflection is key to personal growth and I enjoyed being given the chance to do so.

— N. S., Understanding Today's Students

This course helped me understand the ways in which society has changed and how that has affected our children and their abilities and willingness to learn. I feel better prepared to meet my classroom challenges as a result of taking this class.

— N. S., Understanding Today's Students

I thought the final integration plan will be very helpful in my classroom.

— K. G., Tech Infused Classroom

I especially enjoyed creating a 4Cs menu. I am going to implement many more of these menus into my instruction.

— L. W., Elementary Tech
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