How to Set Up Your Own YouTube Channel

We all know how fabulous YouTube is for digital resources. If you are like so many teachers you search for new content every time you want to show something to your students. So, why not curate your own work as well as the work that others are sharing?

Setting up a YouTube Channel

If you do not have your YouTube channel set up yet, follow the brief directions in this link. Once your channel is ready you are able to upload your own videos and screencasts, comments on videos, and create playlists to organize videos for yourself or your students.

Uploading Your Own Content

Share tutorials or screencasts you created by uploading them to your YouTube channel. The directions here will step you right through doing your first upload. If you are feeling shy about everyone in the world being able to see your videos why not mark them as “Unlisted?” When categorized this way you are able to share the link with teachers or students to view the content but nobody else will be able to find it through a search.

Creating Playlists on YouTube

To organize YouTube videos into categories (i.e. topic, unit, theme, etc.) you should create playlists. Follow these directions to create a playlist or to add additional videos to any playlist that you previously created.

Fabulous YouTube Channels for Classroom Use

No sense reinventing the wheel! Follow some of these channels to access fantastic content for use in your classroom. Feel free to comment below on additional channels you have found to be especially useful for the classroom.