Move over Powerpoint!

A new program is kicking you to the curb! If you are looking for a new, modern, powerful presentation tool for your students, look no further. Adobe Voice, a free app, has arrived and is helping students from Kindergarten to high school create professional presentations. When beginning a new project,  students can click on the first slide to add an icon, photo or text. When adding photos students can access the camera roll or take a picture. After adding a picture, students can choose five different layout options: one thing, two things, fullscreen photo, thing + caption and thing + full photo.  The microphone button on each slide lets students record (and re-record) their voice. Advance to the next slide by either swiping to the right or clicking on the plus sign in the bottom right corner of the screen.  o add a unique touch to your presentation choose a theme and add some music! Save to the camera roll and upload to YouTube or Twitter. Students and teachers will love the ease of use and professional results.

Check out this site to learn more and also check out the brand new Adobe Slate! Add Adobe Voice to your iPad today to help you prepare for the following courses from Eduspire: