What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a term, once known only in contemplative circles, which is now increasingly found in mainstream dialogue. Indeed, it has even begun to make its way into education. Referring to the ability to maintain an open awareness of and attention to one’s thought processes, there is a myriad of techniques and practices available to cultivate the skill. Mindfulness training is an even deeper set of practices, seeking to support and address the social and emotional needs of today’s teachers and learners.

The Need for Mindfulness in Today’s Schools

Every day, our modern schools are a flurry of activity. With orders to focus on content, curriculum, assessment, standards, differentiation, and a host of other state and national initiatives, today’s educator or administrator is often anxious, nervous, and stressed out. Equally, challenging is the plight of today’s student. Demands to excel academically bring long hours of study to a vulnerable group of learners who often feel disconnected, unheard, and even unsafe in the school setting. In terms of mindfulness in education, training in mindfulness practices to cultivate a “mindful classroom” can bring much-needed relief and hope to both groups.

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Teaching Mindfulness Reduces Classroom Stress

Stemming from initial explorations in bringing traditional meditative practices to medical settings, mindfulness incorporates a wide variety of techniques. From watching one’s breathing or focusing on a specific object, to practices that involve sensory awareness and even walking, there are plenty of varied methods to meet the style and preference of the learner in the mindful classroom. Research on the impact of teaching mindfulness in the classroom has shown tremendous benefit in reduction of all measures of stress levels. Self-reported changes in feelings and thinking also indicate the positive effects of mindfulness.

Bring the Practice of Teaching Mindfully to Your Classroom with Eduspire’s Newest Course!

Eduspire is pleased to announce mindfulness teacher training through its brand new course, “The Mindful Classroom,” which will introduce educators to the topic of mindfulness. Unlike other mindfulness courses, this one focuses on mindfulness in education. Through experiencing some of the practices, educators will become intimately aware of the power of mindfulness training. Reading the research, seeking out other resources and online communities, and planning lessons to introduce the practices of mindfulness in the classroom will round out the course experiences. We hope you will join us for this new learning adventure!