Keep Students Engaged with iMovie

Lights…camera…action!  It’s time for iMovie in your classroom!  iMovie instantly energizes your classroom by transforming your students from a passive audience to active directors.   Students especially love creating iMovie trailers which turn a few pictures and videos into a professional theme-based movie trailer.  Simply let the kids know what you want created:  a book summary video, a grammar video on verbs, a science video on weather, a Social Studies American Revolution trailer.  The list is endless!  Any topic, any subject is fair game.  Next, let your students explore the exciting trailers:  fairy tale, expedition, horror, adventure, etc.  After choosing a trailer theme, students must fill in the storyboard with photos and videos (use props, costumes and various locations for more advanced videos).  Students can follow the storyboard prompts or make their own decisions, choosing between videos and photos.  After the storyboard is complete, switch to the outline and add text and titles for the finishing touch. Voi-la!  You will be amazed at the creativity, collaboration and enthusiasm displayed during the entire process.   What can you do with the finished video?  Export it to your iPad’s camera roll and then upload it to YouTube, save it to your web page and tweet it!  Check out this article for further details, sample videos and fillable PDF trailer templates to help guide students through the movie-making process.

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