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I really learned how to take my course to a new level! My students will be more connected to the real world through technology.

— J. T., Tech Infused Classroom

This course was valuable because I learned about some practical ways that I can implement the use of technology in a 3rd grade classroom.

— R. P., 1:1 Education

Great course. There were so many different usable ideas that were presented. The make up of the group was great. We had teachers that were new to technology, experts and even administrators that gave a different point of view.

— A. E., iPads in Education

I feel I am walking away with some great new lessons and routines to implement immediately!

— A. L., 1:1 Education

Lots of easy to use tech ideas.

— v. s., Tech Infused Classroom

Very valuable to have the tools, the time, the help, and the motivation to try something new.

— H. G., 1:1 Education

I loved having the chunks of time to work on my Moodle site. I also really enjoyed getting to learn about some aspects I didn't know, even though I'd used Moodle for quite a while.

— L. H., Moodle 1 & 2

The course was a great resource to finding many new tools and techniques of applying technology in a 1:1 classroom.

— E. M., 1:1 Education

I was a total novice with Moodle 2. This course helped me to navigate the world of settings in Moodle 2, which was just what I needed to find my way around the features that Moodle 2 offers. I can now comfortably put an online lesson together, but there is still a world of features I haven't mastered yet, and that's where the Moodle 2 community comes in...

— K. H., Moodle 1 & 2

This course included many practical ideas, resources, and activities that could be easily translated into the classroom, so I felt that it was very valuable.

— S. L., 1:1 Education

I really enjoyed the content of this course. I feel that the information given to me was done so in a way that made sense and I could understand. I also feel that it will help make my course more meaningful to the learner and will help me to embrace and engage technology in my classroom.

— S. W., 1:1 Education

What I found to be particularly beneficial was that the actual work could be completely tailored to fit practical application in the classroom, while still having access to collective "minds" to help figure out how to apply any of the features of Moodle or in order to build enhanced learning strategies in the online course.

— J. E., Moodle 1 & 2

I felt this course made my think about how I teach and how I need to redirect my teaching methods to meet the whole child.

— T. F., Tech Infused Classroom

This was a terrific course that I will definitely recommend to other colleagues! Everything we did was something I could take back and use in my classroom. Thanks Eduspire!

— K. H., iPads in Education

I truly enjoyed the course! Through this course I was able to enhance many of the digital tools I was already using, and learned about many NEW digital tools and programs that I will be able to add to what I am currently using. I also enjoyed learning more about the "flipped classroom." After reading about it and researching it a bit, I would like to try it this fall.

— K. M., Chromebooks
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