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Amazing instructor who shows a passion for the content and can provide solid life experiences based on the content. It was a course that pushed me out of my comfort level and a push that I needed.

— L. N., Social Media

Quality Class Covered a lot of online resources

— E. B., Digital Storytelling

Really enjoyed having resources to look at how today's learners learn best

— A. P., Understanding Today's Students

This class was amazing! I have never taken another class like it. Learning about how generations have an effect on one another, how technology is impacting students and our society, the way technology is effecting our brains, and how we can help students growing up in a digital world was so helpful.

— P. G., Understanding Today's Students

This course was very beneficial. It helped me better understand my students, and how technology has shaped their lives.

— J. W., Understanding Today's Students

I really enjoyed studying the differences and trends between generations.

— H. H., Understanding Today's Students

I enjoyed how the course targeted the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of ELLs with teaching strategies and useful technology to incorporate.

— A. W., English Language Learners

I felt there was a good balance of informative and interactive requirements for the course. The instructors were well informed and provided plenty of feedback. They provided many and a variety of opportunities to explore and develop a sense of confidence and comfortability with the content.

— S. M., Coding

Tech Integration has taught me how to grow my use of technology as a means of fulfilling students’ instructional needs while increasing parent communication in my new job as an elementary reading specialist.

— M. S., Tech Integration

This course was very informative and the Arlin Roth was very knowledgeable and helpful.

— T. H., Tech Integration

Great course. Gave lots of opportunities to create useful tools for my classroom.

— N. R., Tech Integration

I enjoyed learning about the different resources and getting to try them with my instructor present.

— C. P., Tech Integration

Very valuable and applicable to my job. Instructor was very helpful. I enjoyed the face to face time to work on projects and network with assistance.

— B. R., Tech Integration

Thought the class was very informative.

— L. G., Tech Integration

I loved this course! The course content was very informative and valuable to me. I feel confident in implementing many of the ideas and activities I learned in this course.

— S. B., Coding
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