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I enjoyed collaborating with my colleagues during this course. I learned about many resources that are practical to implement.

— B. C., Tech Integration

This course provided me with many great tools to incorporate into my classroom without being overwhelming.

— K. P., Tech Integration

This course was very helpful to learn about ways technology can be used in the classroom. Learning about screen casts was very beneficial. The students have enjoyed creating screen casts and I have found that these would be very beneficial to use to communicate missed information with students and parents.

— C. E., Tech Integration

This course provided valuable ways to improve communication with students and parents. It also offered me the opportunity to add to, improve often and reflect upon ways to connect with students and parents through my LMS (Schoology).

— B. C., Tech Integration

Everyone learned something and everyone taught something. Very fun!

— M. S., Tech Integration

Excellent course

— B. W., Tech Integration

I really enjoyed the one-on-one access with the instructor. We learned about a lot of different digital resources. It was nice to be able to "sample" them, see how they worked, and determine which would work for our individual purposes.

— E. H., Tech Integration

This course provided a wealth of information in terms of apps and software available for the classroom.

— P. B., Tech Infused Classroom

Course was a great mix of research, projects, information, and exploration. Gained an iPad and great ideas on how to use it in the classroom to better student engagement and learning. Instructors went at an appropriate pace, were engaging, knowledgable, and helpful.

— S. H., iPads in Education

Great class!

— K. B., ePublishing

Excellent course that provides many useful tools for classroom use.

— R. B., Social Studies

I think that all teachers should take this class!

— S. T., iPads in Education

I loved this course because I had my brain turned on to all new ways of thinking about teaching students with technology, and I had time to explore all the ups and downs of using iPads in education.

— A. R., iPads in Education

I absolutely loved this course. Even though I feel comfortable with an iPad, I am walking away from this class with so much more knowledge to utilize in my classroom.

— M. O., iPads in Education

This class provided an excellent opportunity for me to be guided through implementing iPads in my classroom. It gave me time to learn, practice and troubleshoot.

— S. W., iPads in Education
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