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Taking this iPad class made me realize that the iPad is more than a just a gaming system. It is adaptable and a powerful tool for teaching and learning.

— R. W., iPads in Education

This course was very practical and inspired me to try new technology applications in my classroom this year.

— J. H., Build Your Own

This course was very informative and I took away many ideas to help me better utilize technology to enhance my teaching.

— J. H., Build Your Own

I was inspired by this course. It gave practical, helpful, and useful information about how to implement a BYOD classroom.

— J. H., Build Your Own

I thought this was an amazing course.

— m. s., iPads in Education

I was very apprehensive before taking this course. Now I feel more comfortable from spending time with my iPad. Had I had to do this on my own I wouldn't be as proficient as I am now.

— M. P., iPads in Education

The course was absolutely amazing! I learned so much that I am actually excited to get back to work!!

— L. M., iPads in Education

It provided great resources and ideas on how to use iPads in the classroom.

— L. F., iPads in Education

This was one of the best trainings that I have been to.

— H. B., iPads in Education

This course delivered on its on promise. I was introduced to many different options for communicating smarter. All of the resources matched the goal and the instruction was tiered perfectly.

— B. M., Build Your Own

Loved it!

— T. G., Build Your Own

I enjoy learning how to use social media to develop a PLN.

— C. K., Social Media

This class has changed my whole view of how iPads should be incorporated into a class room. They are meant to be personalized not just app friendly. I have certainly learned the value of an iPad. Now I would greatly appreciate more opportunities to collaborate and share with my peers.

— R. B., iPads in Education

This is a great course for deciding why iPads. In addition, it is a great overview of the management of iPads and how to use them in your classroom to achieve their full potential.

— T. A., iPads in Education

Initially I thought I would be learning about some wonderful apps to use with my students. However, I never could have imagined the apps I learned about. I thought that I needed a lot of content apps for my class, but I am pleasantly surprised that I don't.

— E. W., iPads in Education
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