Formative Assessment with Kahoot!

Would you like to ramp up the level of excitement and friendly competition in your classroom? Then start Kahooting! Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system that can be used with students of all ages. Having used Kahoot with multiple grades this year, I can attest to the enthusiasm it sparks. It might not make for the quietest class, but it sure helps fosters an atmosphere of engagement and friendly competition!  After creating a free account on you can create a quiz, discussion or survey. Creating a quiz is simple! Give your quiz a title, and then add your questions and answers. You can also search through the multitude of public Kahoot quizzes created by fellow teachers. When you are ready for your students to play the quiz, simply click on play and launch. You will receive a code that will enable all of your students to join in!

Students can play your Kahoot quiz on a computer or mobile device (check the bandwidth first). First they should go to Kahoot it, then enter the code and their name (or nickname) and the excitement begins! This is a fantastic formative assessment tool, and you can even download the results of the quiz on an excel spreadsheet to analyze the results!

Take a look at how 2nd-grade teacher Jamie Perchinsky engages her students with Kahoot!