By Dr. Samantha Fecich, Education Professor, Author, Podcast Host, and Eduspire Instructor

At the beginning of this year, Dr. Fecich did a free webinar for Swivl where she acknowledges the significance of equipping educators with the expertise and capabilities to tap into the power of AI. She believes that “Educators need to fully grasp the potential of AI in their professional and personal lives before they can effectively lead their students in this realm.”

During the webinar, Dr. Fecich shares

  • What AI is and how to work with it in the classroom
  • AI tools that work within the Danielson framework
  • Evaluating AI tools for classroom use

Click here to view the original blog post from Samantha’s website, which contains the YouTube video of the Swivl webinar.

Dr. Fecich is also the instructor of the Eduspire and Wilson College online course, EDU 975: Navigating Future Learning Through AI, which is next offered this September.