Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education

If you haven’t used Google Drive to manage student work in the past Google is sure making it difficult to ignore in the future. Why not explore a few of these management tips before the end of the school year so you can make it part of your plan for next year?

  1. Name and share a resource folder
    1. How? Have students create a folder, name it clearly (such as “Smith, Robert – English 9), then students share it with team members and their teacher.
    2. Why? Allows easy access and location for all
    3. What? ALL materials for the project go in the folder and are automatically shared with all necessary parties immediately
  2. Upload any file from any device to Google Drive
    1. on iPads
      1. in the Drive app tap +, tap “Upload Photos or Videos” or “Upload Files” depending upon need
      2. upload directly from an app to Google Drive by tapping the export icon  then select Drive from the list of apps

Google Drive

    1. on laptops
      1. When logged in to Google Drive select “New,” upload an individual file or an entire folder of materials

Google Dtive

  1. Organize your classes
    1. create a folder for each class period
    2. move each student/student team shared folder from “Shared with Me” into the class folder you created under “My Drive”
  2. View work offline
    1. select the file in which you want to work
    2. tap the three dots in the upper right corner
    3. select “Keep offline” in the list
    4. access these on an iPad under the main Google Docs screen menu under “offline”


  1. Keep track of frequently used files
    1. mark them “Starred” (i.e. a favorite) by tapping the star
      1. on a laptop at the top of the file screen by the title
      2. on an iPad by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner and tapping “Star file”


Take a look at some of the Eduspire courses that can show you, even more, applications for Google Drive such as Google Tools for Educators and Creating the Technology Infused Classroom.