Who is Eduspire?
Eduspire is an innovative provider of professional development courses for teachers. Our goal is to transform teaching and learning through practical integration of contemporary technologies in K-12 classrooms.

Alice in Cyberland, Part I: A Day in the Life of a Modern Librarian

Modern Librarian

Guest post written for Eduspire by Theresa Bartholomew, modern librarian, tech enthusiast, and level 2 Google Certified Educator. Many of today’s librarians are integral to school technology initiatives, responsible for co-teaching, curriculum development, administration, vetting new resources and tools, and more. In Part…

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Devices in the Classroom Don’t Guarantee Better Learning Outcomes

Tech Integration

Tech Integration is More Than Device Use In an article addressing the topic of tech integration for the Classroom section of EdTech Magazine (online) called “Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future,” author Eric Sheninger voices some valid concerns about…

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Touchcast – The Perfect Classroom App


  Must-Have Apps for 2017 As an instructor for Eduspire, I teach the “iPads in Education” course. I’ve taught it 35 times already to teachers from all around the state. And, from the very beginning, I’ve been showcasing some apps that are still…

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Student Assessment That Modern Learners Deserve

student assessment

The Evolving Display of Student Ability Connecting student assessment to student work in a relevant way continues to challenge many educators. Students today demonstrate an incredible capacity for thinking differently about projects, approaching their work creatively through the dozens of digital resources available…

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Mobile Devices in the Classroom: MTech Learning in Special Education

mobile devices in the classroom

Exclusively written for Eduspire by J’s Class Mobile Devices in the Classroom Mobile devices have proven several times over to be indispensable learning tools, offering students a myriad of easily accessible and interactive educational materials. Research in 2014 found that nearly 75% of students in…

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iOS 10 Update: Helpful Features for Education

iOS 10 Update 4

Some Great Classroom Tips for the iOS 10 Update There are many new features in Apple’s iOS 10 update. Some, like the changes in Messages and the Photo apps, are fun and helpful. But some are also excellent changes for the classroom. Here I’m…

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