Frequently Asked Questions

How much do courses cost?

The cost for Wilson College courses, developed in conjunction with Eduspire, is $1,545 ($515 per credit) with no additional fees. Payment can be made to Eduspire by check or by credit card or can be deferred for up to 6 months through Paypal's Paypal Credit option. Payment directly to Wilson College is also available for those whose contract requires payment directly to the college.

The cost for the professional development only version of Eduspire's courses (which do not include any credits) is $772.50.

Can payment be deferred?

If you are paying Eduspire directly for a course, payment for courses can be deferred for up to six months with no interest through PayPal's "PayPal Credit" option (minimum monthly payment required). After registration, go to and choose PayPal credit when prompted on the PayPal website.

My district does not reimburse me for the full cost of Eduspire's courses. Are scholarships available?

Scholarship money is available for many courses to help offset teachers' out-of-pocket expenses. More information is available on the course registration page for eligible courses, or you may send an email to to learn more. Note that Eduspire is not able to provide scholarships for courses taken as part of Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology degree program, or for course takers that are required to pay Wilson College directly.

Please note, scholarship requests need to be submitted prior to making payment for courses.

I'm currently enrolled in the MET but my invoice is not available yet. What should I do?

If you have registered for a course as part of the MET but your invoice from Wilson College is not available on your portal account, please contact Norma Snider ( or Dr. Eric Michael ( Please note that it typically takes a week to process your registration and post an invoice. 

Can I receive credits?

You are able to take an Eduspire course as a professional development course only (which comes with no credit), or, beginning in the fall of 2016, Wilson College offers Eduspire courses as graduate-level courses through Eduspire’s registration process (Eduspire will manage your registration with Wilson College). The Wilson College courses receive 3 graduate-level credits, except for the "Build Your Own" courses, which receive one graduate-level credit.

Is Wilson College accredited?

Wilson College is accredited through Middle States Commission on Higher Education. See Wilson College’s website here for more information.

Can teachers from outside Pennsylvania take Eduspire courses?

Eduspire's partner college, Wilson College, is a member of SARA (State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement). As such, individual Wilson College graduate-level courses in partnership with Eduspire, and Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology, are recognized in all 50 states. More information about SARA is available on their website here.

If you have additional questions about any courses or the Master in Educational Technology degree program offered by Wilson College in partnership with Eduspire, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Are Eduspire instructors adjunct faculty at Wilson College?

All Eduspire instructors teaching a Wilson College course are adjunct faculty at Wilson College.

How many courses can I take in a semester?

Course takers may take up to 3 courses each semester. Wilson College policy states that additional courses may be considered and require approval by the Director of Graduate Programs. If you would like to inquire about taking more than 3 courses in a semester, please contact Karen Fry ( 

How can I learn more about Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology degree program developed with Eduspire?

Wilson College has a Master of Education Technology (MET) degree program, developed in collaboration with Eduspire. Eight of the ten Wilson College courses required to complete the MET degree can be drawn from almost all of the Wilson College courses developed in conjunction with Eduspire and which are administered by Eduspire, making Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology program one of the most practical and customizable MET degree programs in the nation. To learn more about Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology, visit

How can I learn more about Wilson College's Instructional Technology Specialist certification developed with Eduspire?

The ITS Certification, consisting of eight pre-defined courses, is designed to enable educators with technology-focused specialization in their schools or districts to become tech coaches and district tech leaders. In order to receive the ITS Certification in addition to the MET degree, the eight ITS courses are taken instead of the customizable MET course track (click on the ITS Certification course category "card" below for a list of the required ITS Certification categories). To complete the MET Degree with the ITS Certification, the two MET Capstone Research and Project courses are added to the eight ITS Certification courses.

If you have additional questions, please Contact Us

How are online and face to face courses structured?

Eduspire offers both 100% online and "face to face" (or hybrid/blended) courses.

Online courses can be taken from anywhere and include asynchronous course work and instruction. Some online courses include scheduled mandatory online "face to face" ("synchronous") video conference sessions. The schedule for mandatory sessions, if any, is generally provided on the registration page for any given online course.

Face to face/hybrid/blended courses include mandatory scheduled face to face sessions at specific locations (also listed on the course registration page). Additional instruction and course work is done online, usually before, between, and after the face to face sessions.

The "start date" listed for a course is the date when course work begins, which may be before the first scheduled session, and the "end date" listed for a course is the date when all course work must be completed.

How are the courses graded?

All courses are graded on a letter basis: A, B, C, D, F.

How do I make payment?

For students not enrolled in the Master of Educational Technology program, payment can also be made by going to and entering the email address that was used for registration.

Alternatively, checks should be made payable to "Eduspire" and mailed to:

P.O. Box 2012
Southeastern, PA 19399

For students enrolled in the Master of Educational Technology program, following registration, Wilson College will send an invoice and payment will be made directly to Wilson College.


Guaranteed payment explained

Each course has a limited number of guaranteed spots. "Guaranteed" means that anybody who registers early enough (by our guaranteed end date and before the course is full) and then pays by that guaranteed end date is guaranteed a spot. It's a system we put in place to reward people who register early without having to pay so early.

If any guaranteed spots are not paid for by the guaranteed end date, those spots are made available to everyone, including the wait list, on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the tuition refund policy?

Note that students enrolled in the Wilson College MET or ITS certificate program, or other students who pay Wilson College for a course are subject to Wilson College's tuition refund policy.


Eduspire Refund Policy (for course takers paying Eduspire directly for courses)

1. For Eduspire courses that do not include a device with the course, refunds will be given as follows:

  • Prior to start of course: 100% (minus $50).
  • After course has begun but before course is 50% complete: 50% refund (or 100% credit toward future Eduspire course).
  • After course is more than 50% complete, no refund (50% credit toward future Eduspire course).

2. For courses which include a device with tuition (iPads in Education, Chromebooks in Education, and Effective Video Production):

  • Prior to ordering of the device (approximately 10 days prior to start of course): 100% refund (minus $50).
  • After the devices have been ordered but before course begin: 50% refund (device becomes tuition-payer’s property) or 100% credit toward future course that includes a device.
  • After course has begun but before course is 50% complete, 25% refund (device becomes tuition-payer’s property) or 75% credit toward future course that includes a device.
  • After course is more than 50% complete, no refund (50% credit toward future course that includes a device).

Note: Alternate arrangements with respect to device ownership or other Eduspire courses may be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

What is the course absence policy?

Wilson College courses in conjunction with Eduspire require attendance for all sessions, except for excused absences. If you are absent due to illness or other unforeseen emergencies, Eduspire will try to work with you to find a way to complete the course, but this will be subject to Wilson College, Eduspire and instructor approval and no guarantees can be made that your specific situation will be able to be accommodated.

How do I receive a receipt for the course?

Depending on how you paid for your course, you can print your receipt directly from the Eduspire website or through your MyWilson Portal account. Directions for each are listed below:

If you paid Eduspire, login to (which you have already done if you are reading this).

Click on "Dashboard" on the red menu bar.

There will be a receipt under each course (click the course to expand).

If there is no receipt or the receipt is not adequate for your needs, please contact Karen Fry.


If you paid Wilson College, please refer to the directions linked HERE for printing a receipt. 


What are the procedures for getting my grades and transcript?

You can expect your grade(s) for the courses to be available no later than 1-2 weeks from the course's end, assuming all requirements have been met, including your completed profile in the database. 

Grades for each course will be viewable on your MyWilson Portal. Unofficial and official grade reports will only be accessible through Wilson's student portal. Directions for accessing your grade are detailed HERE

For Wilson College courses (Fall 2016 and forward)Transcripts are available from Wilson College after grades have been posted on the MyWilson Portal. To request a transcript, please print and complete the form linked HERE, and mail it directly to Wilson College at:

Office of the Registrar
Wilson College
1015 Philadelphia Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201

For any questions regarding grades and/or transcripts for courses prior to Fall 2016please complete our "Contact Us" request form on the menu bar at the top of the page.

How do I receive Act 48 credit?

For Wilson College courses beginning in the fall of 2016:

Wilson College will submit your Act 48 credits to PDE after successful completion of the course. In order to receive Act 48 Credits, you must submit your PPID to Wilson College on your enrollment form. If you did not enter your PPID when enrolling in the course, please contact us

For any questions regarding Act 48 credit for courses prior to the fall of 2016, please complete our "Contact Us" request form on the menu bar at the top of the page.

If you took a course for professional development only:

Eduspire is not an ACT 48 provider. If you are taking a course as a non-credit course, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating the number of classroom hours (45 hours) of instruction you have received. You will need to have your school or school district submit the Act 48 hours to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. It is your responsibility to verify with your district that they are willing to submit on your behalf prior to enrolling in the course.

Upon completion of the course, send an email to Karen Fry ( requesting a Certificate of Completion.

The certificate can then be presented to your school district personnel who will send the information to PDE. This is the same process currently used by Penn State so districts should be familiar with it.


How do I learn about teaching opportunities with Eduspire?

We frequently receive requests for developing and teaching a new course or courses for Eduspire. If this is something you would like to discuss, please use our Contact Form.


Have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact us using this link and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Need to speak with someone by phone?

Eduspire does not have a dedicated customer support phone line. Please use the Contact Us form linked here to request that someone call you. Be sure to provide your phone number and the issue you need to discuss, so we can call you back. Thank you!

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