The Benefits of Effective Formative Assessment and Technology

Posted Date: May 25, 2017

Formative assessment pedagogy with the use of instructional technology allows teachers to see real-time statistics and immediate feedback for every student in their classroom. Additionally, using technology enables teachers to collect, organize, and analyze data in effective ways to drive future instruction. Not only does technology provide the above-mentioned benefits to assessing students and influencing instruction, it also fosters engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for students. When practiced correctly, formative assessment can lead students to unparalleled success in any subject area.

“The primary purpose of formative assessment is to improve learning,” (Moss and Brookhart, 2009). As with all Eduspire courses, improving teaching and learning is the goal that drives Eduspire instructor Matthew Heckmann. Currently an Instructional Technology Integrator for the North Allegheny School District in Pennsylvania, Matt is excited to bring his passion for tech-focused formative assessment to Eduspire course-takers with the new course Effective Formative Assessment and Technology.” 

Matt’s background in the area of formative assessment started at Duquesne University, where he learned from world-renowned expert, Dr. Connie Moss about classroom applications of formative assessment strategy, which Matt has applied to his own public school teaching. Upon transitioning to the role of Instructional Technology Integrator Matt discovered many technology resources that naturally complement formative assessment techniques. Like many educators, Matt believes that formative assessment is one of the most important strategies a teacher can use in the classroom on a daily basis. 

Specializing in formative assessment pedagogy, the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework, the SAMR model, and instructional technology tools, Matt looks forward to helping teachers create meaningful teaching and learning opportunities in the classroom. Effective Formative Assessment and Technology,” a six-week online course designed to help educators combine effective formative assessment pedagogy and the integration of appropriate instructional technology tools, will facilitate successful formative assessment and allow each participant to become an instructional leader in his or her school district. Course-takers will become experts in the subjects covered throughout the course, while learning how to seamlessly integrate technology to engage students and enhance learning. 

Join us this summer for Effective Formative Assessment and Technology,” and learn to integrate technology to support formative assessment and improve learning for every student in your classroom. Use this link to secure your spot for the June 12th course. Course also available July 10, 2017.

*Wilson-College graduate-level course developed in conjunction with Eduspire. Also available as part of the Wilson College Master of Educational Technology degree program

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