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Jeff Mummert is the Social Studies Department Chair at Hershey High School in Hershey, PA and teaches history at York College of Pennsylvania. Jeff is also the director of Submrge: Deeper Thinking About Games in Education, a site that promotes the use of games “as text” in K-12 classrooms by reviewing commercial games, game-making platforms, and by offering game-based learning activities. Jeff also runs HistoriQuest, which develops educational resources and digital applications for historic sites. In his spare time, Jeff teaches a few courses for Eduspire, such as Using Technology to Promote Creativity and Innovation, Game-Based Learning, Doing History Digitally, Social Studies Mythbusting, and more.

Teaching American History Like a Renaissance Master

Italian Renaissance Art Techniques or Perfectly Ironic Classifications of American History?  Two Italian Renaissance art concepts, “sfumato” and “chiaroscuro,” I think, are meant to express the sometimes educationally inexpressible — that most human experience is complex and hazy rather than simple and clear, and that…

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Explore Future Frontiers in Educational Technology

Prepare Your Classroom for the Future Educational technology has changed drastically since I was in school (I graduated high school in 1985) and since I started out as an educator. I’ve learned and taught my way through the eras of filmstrips, betamax, laserdiscs,…

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Integrating Creativity and Innovation in K12 Classrooms

Promote Creativity and Innovation

How to Foster Creativity & Innovations in the K-12 Classroom When you’ve developed a project or activity that is meant to inspire creativity among your students, how often have you been truly happy with the results? Perhaps for you, often. For me, I’ve…

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Busting Myths in the Social Studies Classroom

Social Studies Mythbusting

Myth Debunking in Social Studies Classroom The Confederate flag controversy. Greece. Mass shootings. ISIS. It is difficult as a Social Studies teacher to keep up with current events. Sometimes, it is even more difficult to guide students in sorting out the interpretations of…

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Gathering and Visualizing Data

Analyzing and Visualizing Data What is the best candy bar on the market? For one of our creative teacher’s lounge lunchtime activities this year, my colleagues and I designed and carried out a “Munch Madness” bracket for candy bars. Although we considered it…

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