MET Program Interview: Jean Ashton


Wilson College in partnership with Eduspire would like to feature some of its recent graduates from the Master of Educational Technology degree program as they share about their unique experiences.


Meet Jean Ashton, a sixth grade math teacher in PA's South Western school district. 



Q: Jean, what have you enjoyed most about the MET program?

A: "I like that the courses are applicable to my practice as a teacher. I can use what I learn in the courses to better my instructional strategies and help my students grow."


Q: How has the MET impacted your classroom instruction?

A: "The different practices that I explore in the MET program allow me to continue to perfect my teaching methods and keep up-to-date on some of the latest trends used to instruct students. I believe that my classroom instruction has improved based on the material I learn in each course."


Q: Has there been an instructor in the MET program who you found particularly outstanding (and why)?

A: "Matt Heckmann - I liked the way Matt structured the course 'Effective Formative Assessment and Technology.' He had face-to-face sessions, which at first I was not sure about, but it was nice to have discussions with other educators and hear their take on the content from the weekly readings and assignments. Matt was supportive and pushed us to move beyond the comfort zone."


Q: How has the MET program helped you to achieve your career goals?

A: "I am not sure I ever see myself leaving the classroom. However, the MET program allows me to stay in the classroom and better my teaching methods so that I can become the best teacher for my students. I can implement technology when necessary to help students learn and retain concepts related to math."


Q: Would you recommend the MET program to a colleague, and why?

A: "Yes, I would highly recommend the MET program to a colleague. The program caters to educators who want meaningful courses to take that are applicable to their practice. The courses help an individual work towards completing the Master of Educational Technology program, but also can be applied to the person's current job as well."


Q: What influenced you most to enroll in this MET program specifically?

A: "When I first started teaching, I took two Eduspire courses to see what graduate courses would be like. When I heard from our technology coaches that Eduspire was working with Wilson College to create the MET program, I knew that this was the right path for me. All the courses were online, making it easier to teach and complete grad classes at the same time."


Q: How do Eduspire courses compare with other PD courses you have taken?

A: "Eduspire courses are meaningful and purposeful. Most of the courses I have taken do not assign 'busy' work, but make the assignments so you can use what you learn in your own classroom or with fellow educators."


Q: In a few words, how would you describe the MET program?

A: "Meaningful, purposeful, applicable to educator's practice, something for everybody."

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