Keystones Technology Innovators 2018

The Keystones Technology Innovator Summit (directed by PAECT) is an all-expenses paid one week summit for those who are selected, thanks to the sponsorship of Eduspire. Eduspire provides room and board for all participants and lead learners.

The Keystone Technology Innovators program recognizes outstanding classroom technology innovators by identifying, inviting and supporting exemplary educators into a distinct and dynamic learning community. Keystones advocate the use of technology as a transformative tool to nurture the intellect, innovation and imagination of students. 

How Does One Get Nominated?

Teachers: Ask your principal/building supervisor to recognize your outstanding classroom technology innovation through the Keystones Technology Innovators program! Download this letter and give it to your principal or superintendent. 

Principals: Complete a simple online form (it only takes a few minutes) at Every building principal in the state is welcome to nominate ONE individual from his/her staff for their innovative work in classroom technology.

Former Keystones and Keystone STARs may want to guide their principals in the selection process of new candidates, focusing on those that are truly classroom innovators and that may be interested in attending the Summit, which is July 23-27, 2018 on the campus of Shippensburg University.

Once nominated by a principal, teachers will automatically become Keystone Technology Innovators and will join a strong community of educators, sharing resources and collaborating on ideas for innovating teaching practices. Nominees will be Keystones and part of this network for the entire length of their careers and earn a chance to be recognized as one of the 100 “Keystone Technology STARs” in Pennsylvania.

Keystone STARs will be invited to a state-level summit conference to be held on the campus of Shippensburg University this summer; the only cost will be a $100.00 event fee. Keystone STARs attending the summit will gain access to a three-credit graduate level course designed by Eduspire and specifically tailored for Keystones.

The Summit is also open to Keystones who have never attended, and they are invited to apply to attend this year's event. Please contact 2018 KTI Chair Scott Snyder via to find out how.

Once the nominee confirms the nomination via email, he/she will be eligible to apply to be recognized as one of up to 100 “Keystone STARs” in Pennsylvania.

Nomination Deadline: February 28, 2018

Here's what some of the 2017 Summit attendees have shared about their experiences:

"I have never learned so much in one week or have been surrounded by so many people with new ideas. I have gained so much knowledge and have been so inspired to make new discoveries and implement new ideas." — Jessica S.

"Loved it! The KTI summit is AMAZING and the course was just the icing on top! Having the weekly assignments and final projects helped me pull together my ideas and sift through all of the new information I was learning." — Angela G. 

"Thank you for allowing us to be present at the Summit and giving us the outlet to utilize our new learnings in a meaningful way." — Eden C.

For more information about the Keystones program, visit

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