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Thought Jim did an awesome job putting this course together. It was extremely informative. He was always very prompt with his communication. I learned SO much. I wish there could have been times for more comparison of apps (like the day we compared the word processor apps). That was very worthwhile. I have to take it on myself to explore a lot of these apps - I realize we were too short on time to do EVERYTHING that is possible. Overall, great course. Every educator should take it! Thank you!

— E. W., iPads in Education

The course was extremely valuable to me and will enhance my professional life in many ways.

— A. M., iPads in Education

Jim was perfectly fitted for this course. His knowledge and organization were excellent.

— A. M., iPads in Education

This course is absolutely amazing. There are so many practical ideas and applications shared. Jim Gates is phenomenal! Additionally, he differentiates his course to better meet participants' needs.

— D. W., iPads in Education

I really enjoyed this course! I am anxious to share some information with my colleagues that can benefit students beyond my classroom.

— K. D., iPads in Education

I want to say that Mr. Gates did a fantastic job. His patience with students and technology, his level of knowledge and his ability to make the class engaging and interesting is commendable. He is definitely the right guy for the job!

— M. K., iPads in Education

I think iPads in Education is a fantastic course to introduce educators to the possibilities of incorporating technology into their classrooms.

— T. H., iPads in Education

It was a great course. I learned a lot about how to utilize the iPad in the classroom!

— B. C., iPads in Education

I enjoyed learning how to use the iPad in my classroom. When considering all the courses I have ever taken, it fell in the top margin. I enjoyed some of my graduate courses and so it falls right up there with those classes.

— C. M., iPads in Education

I was very satisfied with my experience in this course. What I learned has helped me become more at ease with using technology, specifically the iPad.

— A. D., iPads in Education

Mr. Gates was fabulous. He was patient and dealt with glitches in equipment with little difficulty. His "no stress" motto helped me a lot!

— A. D., iPads in Education

I really enjoyed this class!

— G. H., iPads in Education

I learned many things that I will definitely use in my classroom. It was an excellent program.

— G. H., iPads in Education

This iPads in Education course is invaluable for anyone who needs basic skills for iPads in the classroom. iPads in Education is an intense, quality course that will open your eyes for teaching your subject area on the iPad.

— K. S., iPads in Education

Fantastic class! I will be using much of what I learned in my classroom!

— E. S., iPads in Education
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