MET Program Interview: Debra Harte


Wilson College in partnership with Eduspire would like to feature some of its recent graduates from the Master of Educational Technology degree program as they share about their unique experiences.


Meet Debra Harte, a Special Education Teacher in the Chambersburg Area School District. 


Q: Debra, what have you enjoyed most about the MET program?

A: "I've enjoyed being able to connect with like minded people, while learning 21st century skills that were applicable to my classroom instruction from the comfort of my home."


Q: How has the MET impacted your classroom instruction?

A: "The MET program has increased my confidence in using technology in the classroom, and as result has increased student engagement."


Q: Has there been an instructor in the MET program who you found particularly outstanding (and why)?

A: "I have found many of the instructors in the MET program to be outstanding. I particularly enjoyed working with Erik Wittmer, who taught Effective Video Production, because I learned many new and exciting techniques for my students and myself to use to explain topics and concepts such as, Storyboarding, Three Act Lessons, and Paperslides. During this course I also learned how to use a GoPro to create Adobe Spark Videos. Erik also encouraged me to "put myself out there" by sending me an instructional video on how to upload a YouTube Video that I created. Erik was also my instructor for iPads in Education. After taking this course, the iPad became my favorite technological tool. Other notable instructors I have had include Ken Kay, who was my instructor for Coding and Computational Thinking, which instantly became one of my favorite courses, and Kevin McGuire, who taught iPads in Education II."


Q: How has the MET program helped you to achieve your career goals?

A: "It's helped me to achieve a new position within my school district that allows me to integrate what I have learned in the MET program. I currently teach Information, Communication and Technology, and firmly believe my students are able to make the connection between what they are learning and how it relates to real life, because technology is such an integral part of their everyday lives."


Q: Would you recommend the MET program to a colleague, and why?

A: "I would definitely recommend the MET program to a colleague, as I found the material to be invaluable to my profession as a teacher, and the courses were user friendly, and paced appropriately based on my hectic lifestyle."


Q: What influenced you most to enroll in this MET program specifically?

A: "Specifically, my enrolling in the MET program was influenced by the opportunity to improve upon my instructional prowess, while knowing that I could complete the program in a short amount of time. It only took a year and a half to complete the program, which is an incentive in and of itself."


Q: How do Eduspire courses compare with other PD courses you have taken?

A: "Compared with other Professional Development courses, I have found Eduspire courses to be relevant to my profession, applicable to classroom instruction, with having an immediate impact on student engagement and learning."


Q: In a few words, how would you describe the MET program?

A: "Transforming, Motivational, Flexible, Affordable, Worthwhile."

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