Scholarship Eligibility

Eduspire has a new program, making scholarships available to educators with limited (or no) school/district reimbursement for courses. In many cases, Eduspire is able to offset most (if not all) of the out-of-pocket cost to a teacher through a scholarship. The maximum scholarship amount for any given course is 40% of the course tuition. Please note that scholarships are not available for courses taken as part of Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology and Instructional Technology Specialist Certification programs.

For teachers whose schools/districts do not provide full reimbursement, upon registering (and before paying) for an eligible course, the registrant will receive information with instructions for requesting a scholarship through a simple online form. Scholarship requests must be received prior to course payment.  Most scholarship requests are reviewed within a few days. Some requests require more information, in which case the registrant will receive an email requesting further details. Please note that some courses, including those which include a device, are not eligible for scholarships.

If approved for a scholarship, the registrant will only be required to pay the post-scholarship (remainder of) tuition to enroll in the course. If a school or district is paying up front, Eduspire can send an invoice to the district for the amount due (upon request). Following payment, a receipt will be available detailing the course name and dates, tuition amount, scholarship amount, and actual amount paid.

For any questions regarding this program, please email